Guitar playing.My goal is to explain people how this effect works, a little history behind it and how some guitar players (especially “The Edge”) made them really popular. I don’t claim to have all the answers, and for sure not all the knowledge, but I’ve been exposed to these topics for a long time, and during my journey as a guitar player, I did have my doubts, questions and concerns about effect pedals, and I would like to save you some time (and frustration :)) if I can do so, by sharing valuable content and information from my experience and also the experience of others. Most of my background comes from Worship Music, since serving in my church in that area is what impulsed me to play electric guitar, but my tastes in music are broad, although I have a tendency to always go back to 80s and 90s stuff; I do like contemporary music, but for some reason, the sounds of those two decades feel pretty awesome to me.

The blog will also feature the different brands and pedals that are considered classics, and the new brands in the market; most these new companies are coming up with great units! Eventually we will also discuss some other types of pedals, as well as some practical tips for good guitar tone.

I hope that after reading the info on the website, you will be able to make a better decision about the type of delay that suits you best for your type of playing, and of course, for your wallet!